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Your Own Game Studio in Six Months: Bootstrapping Core Through Casual
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SKU GDC07-4401

Your Own Game Studio in Six Months: Bootstrapping Core Through Casual

Speakers: Charlie Cleveland

Track: Business and Management

Format: Lecture

Experience Level: All

Description: Now that next-generation games and budgets are the "norm", how can you possibly hope to start your own independent studio?

Forget all about years of contracting, flaky investors and precarious publisher deals to try to get your studio funded. Stick to what you know and like best: making great games. Instead of wasting years writing a business plan, finding business partners, doing unsatisfying contract work or trying to convince investors and publishers to let you make your "dream" game, make a casual game, retain your independence and fund your future development yourself.

This course describes specific resources and techniques for quickly and enjoyably bootstrapping an independent "core" game studio through casual game development.

Idea Takeaway: Attendees get an overview of the business, technology and design involved in casual game development, so they are ready to create their own casual game. Attendees will then be ready to leverage it into a means for funding future independent games of all kinds.

Intended Audience: This session is intended for experienced developers that want to start a game studio but don't yet have the money, resources or expertise to create their own ambitious games.

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