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Will Unconsoles Become the Real Next-Gen Consoles?
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Will Unconsoles Become the Real Next-Gen Consoles?
Sameer Baroova | Head of Games, PlayJam
Brian Bruning | Director, MOGA
Michael Schade | CEO and Co-Founder, Fishlabs
Phil Scott | Technical Evangelist, Nvidia

Location: Europasaal
Date: Tuesday, August 20
Time: 16:35-17:00
Track: Smartphone & Tablet Games Summit
Format: Session
Vault Recording: Video

2013 will probably be the most disruptive year in video game history ever. When the next generation of "classic" consoles for die-hard fans of AAA franchises hits the market later this year, they'll have to stand their ground against fierce competitors. On one hand, the "unconsoles" (Jon Jordan, Pocketgamer) like Ouya and Gamestick are about to enter the market from the low-end segment and on the other hand, game pad peripherals like Moga and Shield have already started to combine console controls with the ubiquity of smartphones as the real video gaming deal for the generation Y that is always on the go. However, there are significant challenges in designing games that work on both touch and gamepad controls ? especially when you also have to deal with different resolutions that come into play when you can either experience the game on a device you hold in your hand or on a TV set some meters away from you. Furthermore, the ever-growing number of digital game stores also means that there will be more fragmentation and potentially different business models that developers need to deal with. In the course of this panel, five of the most important players in the mobile space will debate the challenges and opportunities of this disruption and work out how developers can make the most out of this new situation.

Developers will learn how to cope with the challenges of implementing different control schemes and designing for the near and the far screen experience, as well as finding the right business model for each of the new channels.

Michael Schade | CEO and Co-Founder, Fishlabs
Michael Schade, CEO & co-founder of FISHLABS, makers of the highly successful game series Galaxy on Fire, has been deeply involved with computer graphics, 3D animation and software development for more than 18 years. With seven years in 3D mobile gaming and an award-winning portfolio of high-end 3D games distributed globally through mobile operators, Apple's App Store and pre-loaded on Nokia and Sony Ericsson handsets, Michael has a profound knowledge of the mobile business. Michael is a well known evangelist for high-end gaming on mobile phones and a seasoned speaker with several lectures at mobile and gaming events all around the globe. Three years ago, advergaming became a major business for FISHLABS and clients like Volkswagen and Barclaycard are relying on Michael's knowledge and his team's expertise on how to engage millions of consumers worldwide through ad games on smartphones and tablets.

Phil Scott | Technical Evangelist, Nvidia
Phil Scott is a technical evangelist at NVIDIA, where in the last 9 years he has worked with many of the worlds top tier developers, helping raise the bar to the standards where they are today. Prior to NVIDIA, Phil was lead programmer at Rage Software in Newcastle, creating the engine for the highly successful Expendable, which was the first game to show hardware bump mapping, stencil shadows and many other DirectX6 features. A veteran of the gaming industry, with more than 22 years of professional development, and having being instrumental in the development of more than 50 game titles in 13 years prior to joining NVIDIA, Phil draws upon his experience to share insights and observe trends in game development and technology. Phil is from Durham, England and is very proud of that fact.

Sameer Baroova | Head of Games, PlayJam

Brian Bruning | Director, MOGA
Brian has been helping game developers the last 18 years through innovative technologies, partnerships and products. After ushering in 3D hardware acceleration with 3dfx (Voodoo Graphics), his passion for emerging platforms led him to early mobile games engine pioneer Fathammer (X-Forge), and then to NVIDIA (Tegra) and Unity. Leading the MOGA content team, he's highlighting innovative mobile games on cross-platform game controllers in digital and traditional retail channels.

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