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What Got Left out of Battlefield 1942
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SKU GDC-04-147
What Got Left out of Battlefield 1942,

Game Design, Lecture

Johan Persson
Creative Director, Digital Illusions CE AB
As feature, and content rich as Battlefield 1942 may be, it was still subject to painful feature cutting during the second half of the project. What planned features did not make it into the game and why?

Looking back now with most of the answers, what features did we get to regret having cut out, and what features had a negligible effect? Are there features or content in the game that we would have cut out, had we known what we know today? How well do the features we want to address today correlate to the features we felt were so painful to remove during the project?

In short: in a perfect world, what would we have done differently? (Disregarding the fact that there would never have been a world war two in a perfect world.)

Attendees leave inspired to take a new look at your current project and look again at what is it that really matters to your product and whereyou need to put your focus. Perhaps some of the cool features you so dearly cling to are not going to be what makes or brakes the game after all.

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