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User Interface Art: Production from the Ground Up
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User interface artists are often the forgotten soldiers in the game art world, yet their work is very important. The work they do often represents the user's first impression of the game. If they don't do their jobs well, it can lead to user frustration and can be potentially devastating to product sales. Their jobs are to clearly communicate information to a user with style, but more importantly, function. Often they work in a somewhat grey area between artist and designer. This talk will shed light on the UI art production. It will discuss some pitfalls to avoid and provide tips to hopefully make the process a little easier and more productive. The main topics that will be covered will be: 1) Inspiration - Where to draw inspiration/influences from for the look/feel. 2) Planning for the Worst Case - Learn how important it is to design for worse case scenarios and how that can influence choices for the art direction. 3) Usability - In UI art, function reigns supreme. Learn tips on how to make sure the user can gets the info he/she needs quickly and doesn't get frustrated. Understand the importance of knowing your user and the power of usability testing. 4) Tools of the Trade - This will focus on the internal tools and what should be on an ui artist's wish list for features. 5) Communication and Documentation - This section will focus on how to avoid some of the pitfalls in that happen in production with poor communication. It will cover the importance and method of developing flow documentation.

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