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Theme Song: Make Your Soundtrack Stand Out
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SKU GDC07-3862

Theme Song: Make Your Soundtrack Stand Out

Speakers: Zak Belica

Track: Audio

Format: Lecture

Experience Level: All

Description: Music soundtracks for video games has become an increasingly important part of the production value of a title. One method of differentiating a soundtrack from the competition is the creation of a memorable theme song. Traditionally a theme song would be a piece of licensed music, but a custom piece of music is both possible within a reasonable budget and helps to give a unique identity to your product.

The session explores the process of pitching a theme song concept, theme creation, implementation and marketing. The example that is used to illustrate this process is the story of the creation of the SiN Episodes: Emergence theme song, “What’s The World Come To?.

Idea Takeaway: How a strong theme song can benefit a game’s experience and marketing perception.

Intended Audience: The intended audience would be videogame composers and audio directors, but also includes information valuable to the entire audio track as well as producers, creative leads, publishers and marketers.

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