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The Race to a Blockbuster Console RTS: If At First You Don't Succeed...
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SKU GDC-05-146
The Race to a Blockbuster Console RTS: If At First You Don't Succeed...,

Game Design, Lecture

Tim Train
VP Development, Big Huge Games
Real-time strategy is the last genre that has failed to make a successful leap onto the console. This has not been for lack of trying: several RTS games have been released on consoles, and many top-tier RTS developers have worked on proposals or prototypes that have not panned out. Significant financial rewards await the team that first cracks this nut--depending on the year, the strategy genre is the #1 or #2 selling category of PC games. This talk will examine the issues that make it difficult to translate RTS to consoles--hardware limitations, audience expectations, and design constraints. The talk will review how previous games have tried to solve these issues, and discuss possible solutions. The final section of the lecture will sketch a blueprint for a successful console RTS.

Attendees should leave with an overview of the financial opportunities available with a console RTS. They will gain a thorough understanding of the constraints that limit the design of RTS games. They will learn the history of attempts to translate the RTS genre onto console. Attendees will understand where those attempts have succeeded and where they've failed. Finally, attendees will be presented with some "starting points" for what a successful console RTS might look like.

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