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The Age of Empires 3 Graphics Engine
Price $5.95
Stock Unlimited
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SKU GDC-05-143
The Age of Empires 3 Graphics Engine,

Programming, Lecture

Dave Pottinger
Programmer, Ensemble Studios/Microsoft

Michael Bean
Programmer, Ensemble Studios
This talk will provide a look at the graphics engine powering Age of Empires 3. The Age3 engine (actual engine name TBD) is targeted at the bleeding high end, which is somewhat unique for an RTS (realtime strategy) game. A high level architecture overview will discuss some of the basic implementation differences between doing a high end RTS engine compared to more traditional highend graphics engines. There will be an in-depth analysis on the implementation of low-level features such as water rendering and HDR lighting. Finally, some of the higher order graphical features like physics and group animations will be presented, as well.

The Age3 Graphics Engine is a cutting edge graphics engine incorporating a ton of highend and next generation techniques. Traditionally, these methods have been reserved for non-RTS titles, but the Age3 engine is evidence that a well-built RTS title can be just as visually compelling as anything else.

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