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The Good and the Bad: A Second Chance
Price $5.95
Stock Unlimited
Weight 8 lb, 14 oz
SKU GDC-03-143
The Good and the Bad: A Second Chance,

Game Design, Lecture

Peter Molyneux
, Lionhead Studios
Developing an innovative game always carries with it a burden. However extensive your pre-release testing, the true test of an original game is always too late Ė when the public get their hands on it. A sequel gives you a chance to rectify the problems highlighted by user-feedback, and allows you to retain and further develop those features that worked, whilst throwing away or remoulding those features that didnít. This discussion focuses on the development of the god game Black & White 2, and how it was influenced by the original, both the good points, and the bad points. By running through the new game design and revitalised technology, and examining how the problems of Black & White were addressed, we can see how developing a sequel gives you a real opportunity to push forward a genre and solidify the innovative features of the original game.

The audience learns how analysis of previous projects can allow them to innovate still further by highlighting mistakes made, and good choices exercised.

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