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Temptation and Consequence: Dilemmas in Videogames
Price $5.95
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Weight 7 lb, 12 oz
SKU GDC-03-125
Temptation and Consequence: Dilemmas in Videogames,

Game Design, Lecture

Steve Bocska
, Radical Entertainment
All videogames include some element of ongoing decision-making and response, making the dilemma a crucial weapon in the game designer's arsenal. The difficulty, however, lies in crafting the dilemma in a non-trivial way that will cause the player to feel as though their actions will significantly determine or affect their experience later in the game. The greater this sense, the more immersive the experience will become. In this session, the Monty Hall puzzle will be used to show that, by devious staggering of information, the player can be engaged in a more realistic way, heightening the immersion and sense of realism. The Prisoner's Dilemma will also be employed as an insidious mechanism for encouraging players to pursue cooperative communication and trust-based solutions to further their own personal interests. Both of these techniques will allow the game designer and A.I. programmer to provide an experience that requires the player to analyze and evaluate multiple options and demonstrate non-trivial analytic and decision-making skills.

Attendees will: * learn approaches that allow them to create clever new puzzles and dilemmas in their game design * be exposed to the psychology of decision-making, and how to harness this knowledge towards creating a more fulfilling interactive experience * understand the principles of the Monty Hall puzzle, Nash Equilibrium, and the Prisoner's Dilemma as it applies to video game design

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