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Solid Game Design: Making the 'Impossible' Possible
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Game developers constantly strive to create new and unique experiences for players to enjoy. But, what happens when their dreams are bigger than reality? Processing power, storage media, input methods, logistics, game design issues... There are a countless number of obstacles that must be overcome before game developers can realize their visions in the form of a finished game. At times, overcoming these barriers may seem impossible. However, the greatest barrier of all are the assumptions that we hold about what can or cannot be done. At its root, creation requires a departure from conventional wisdom and a commitment to doing something that has never been done before. Creation begins with making the impossible possible. Known for giving rise to the stealth action game genre with his creation of the acclaimed METAL GEAR series more than two decades ago, Mr. Kojima's keynote will focus on methods for overcoming development obstacles with creative game design. Concrete examples will be given using the driving game design philosophies behind the METAL GEAR series as reference.

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