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Scripting and Sims2: Coding the Psychology of Little People
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SKU GDC-05-131
Scripting and Sims2: Coding the Psychology of Little People,

Programming, Lecture

Jake Simpson
Simulation Engineer, Maxis / EA
What makes those Sims do what they do? How does the AI make it all work? What's the scripting system like behind the scenes, and how do they iterate so quickly for all those expansion packs? This lecture talks about scripting systems in general, and uses the proprietary scripting system (called SimAntics) built into The Sims 2 as it's basis.

The takeaway will be how the Sims scripting system works. Idea's for implementation of scripting systems for real time parseing of scripts, with shipping game examples. Idea's for presentation /implementation of tools for visual scripting systems. Process for object building for Sims2 - who does what and why - and how that might apply to other developers pipelines. Some terrible jokes.

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