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Real-time 3D Movies in Resident Evil 4
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SKU GDC-05-136
Real-time 3D Movies in Resident Evil 4,

Visual Arts, Lecture

Yoshiaki Hirabayashi
, Capcom
The Resident Evil series is central to the survival horror genre and constantly raises the bar in delivering new surprises to gamers. With Resident Evil 4, the newest installment in the series, an evolution has taken place. The fixed-camera perspective of previous titles has now changed to a semi-first-person (rear camera) perspective supported by fully-polygonal environments. In keeping with this change, cut scenes, which previously were completely pre-rendered, now take advantage of the new fully-3D environments to play out in real-time. We have also created a new evolution in interactivity by integrating playable game elements within the cut scenes themselves. This adds to the sense of immersion by seamlessly combining both elements. The presentation will focus on the goals for the real-time cut scenes within Resident Evil 4 (how's and why's behind this decision, etc.). It will also include concrete examples of working within the restrictions that are inherent with real-time cut scenes.

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