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...And Make It Snappy! Crafting Concise, Effective Dialogue for your Game
Price $5.95
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SKU GDC-06-013
...And Make It Snappy! Crafting Concise, Effective Dialogue for your Game,

Game Design, Lecture

Evan Skolnick
Producer / Editorial Director, Vicarious Visions / Activision
Itís a sad fact of life: Most players hate cutscenes and in-game dialogue. Ironically, most designers hate them too. So why do so many games have so much of both? A certain amount of in-game dialogue is almost always necessary, but there is often much more than there really needs to be. ^/BR^^/BR^ In this session we cover the basics of effective dialogue writing, and using before-and-after examples from actual shipped games, reveal the process of trimming the verbal fat, improving impact, injecting emotion, and making every precious word count.

Attendees should come away with a better understanding of how to make cutscenes and in-game dialogue more exciting and compelling for players.

Attendees who can benefit from this session run the gamut from junior designers to experienced game writers. There is no prerequisite for understanding the content of the session, apart from speaking English and being generally familiar with cutscenes and dialogue from various video games, in order to understand the context of the discussion and techniques explored.

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