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Sex in Games: The Exciting Evolution of Adult Content
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SKU GDC-06-107
Sex in Games: The Exciting Evolution of Adult Content,

IGDA, Lecture

Brenda Brathwaite
Game Designer, Savannah College of Art & Design
WARNING: Content of this presentation features nudity and graphic computerized sexual scenes. Please do not come if you are offended by such images or are under the age of 18. ^/BR^^/BR^ Before Hot Coffee, before Playboy: The Mansion, even before the 1980's Leisure Suit Larry series, there was sex in video games... and lots of it. From flirting in MUDs to hardcore sexual simulators to the emerging field of teledildonics, sex in games is nearly as old as the medium itself. Sex isn't limited to the games themselves, of course. The infamous E3 booth babes are as much a part of sex in games as the characters that walk through game worlds, and sexual content found in video game advertising has as strong a place in the discussion as emergent sexual content in MMORPGs. ^/BR^^/BR^ Wherever sexual content has found itself, controversy has always followed Ė from Custerís Revenge to the Leisure Suit Larry laws to the 1993 Congressional Hearings to todayís attempts at legislation and censorship. ^/BR^^/BR^ Interested in the topic? Wonder where itís going? Wonder how far itís already gone? Come to this adults-only talk.

Attendees learn about the history of sexual content in games, the controversy that such content has created, as well as emerging forms of sexuality in games.

Anyone interested in the sexual content in games, game history, or controversy surrounding games.

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