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Pop-Up Arcade: Postmortems on Indie Arcades and Events
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Pop-Up Arcade: Postmortems on Indie Arcades and Events
Zuraida Buter | Playful Arts Curator, Zo-ii
Marie Foulston | Queen Roughhouser, Wild Rumpus
Jonatan Van Hove | Co-Founder, Glitchnap

Location: Congress Saal 3
Date: Tuesday, August 20
Time: 15:05-15:30
Track: Independent Games Summit
Format: Session
Vault Recording: Video

Pop-up indie arcades, game festivals and local multiplayer meetups are happening all across the world. Even though online play is omnipresent, the organizers prioritize the social situation that is created when players and spectators are all gathered in the same space. During the session, the speakers will present their experiences of the past years as organizers, as well as participants, of this local and global movement. They will discuss everything from the dirty details of how to put together a DIY arcade machine without a budget to their view on the impact of these events on game and play culture.

Attendees will receive an overview of how indie arcade events have become part of game culture in Europe. They will get new insights into how this culture is working to bring games to a wider audience, as well as into social spaces.

Intended Audience
People who are curious about the history, preparation and behind-the-scenes of indie arcades and local multiplayer events. People with an interest in exhibiting their games or hosting their own exhibitions. And of course, anybody who wants to celebrate local multiplayer culture with us!

Jonatan Van Hove | Co-Founder, Glitchnap
Jonatan Van Hove (Joon) is a game designer and developer living in Copenhagen. As co-founder of the Danish independent game studio Glitchnap, he is working to bring local multiplayer games to the streets of Copenhagen with the custom LAZA KNITEZ!! arcade, the mobile team-building-party-game Zumbie:Blind Rage, as well as the Babycade - the world's first arcade-machine-in-a-baby-stroller. As a current student at the IT University of Copenhagen, Joon was the initiator of the student organization PlayIT that organizes events like Game Jams, talks, and meet ups all year round. Joon has been an active member of the Copenhagen Game Collective since 2012, and took initiative to start up a local Copenhagen branch of the Local Multiplayer Picnic (now called 'PLAYDATE').

Marie Foulston | Queen Roughhouser, Wild Rumpus
Marie is a London-based producer of playful events and digital projects. She is officially queen roughhouser at the Wild Rumpus - a beautifully chaotic night that brings together the best in multiplayer indie games alongside fizzy electro pop, 8-bit tunes and stellar live DJ sets. Whilst primarily based in London, Marie and Wild Rumpus have also taken the night as far afield as San Francisco in collaboration with Venus Patrol, and hosted the '2013 Rumpus Royale', the first ever live indie game World Championship tournament. Lately, Marie has been occupied with Wild Rumpus' first co-created mutliplayer party game 'Tenya Wanya Teens', made in collaboration with Katamari creator Keita Takahashi and Venus Patrol.

Zuraida Buter | Playful Arts Curator, Zo-ii
Zuraida Buter is a playful culture curator and organizer. She set up INDIGO, the annual playable showcase for Dutch (indie) games in the Netherlands, enabling game developers to show their games to their peers. The event uses unique arcade cabinets to expose diverse audiences to Dutch game design. One of her most recent initiatives - Playful Arts Festival - explores the cross-over between different fields of play, art, interaction and design, bringing performance games and local multiplayer games to a broader audience. The festival stimulates collaboration between new and veteran designers from different fields to explore and create local and physical multiplayer games.

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