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Numerical robustness for geometric calculations
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SKU GDC-05-117
Numerical robustness for geometric calculations,

Programming, Lecture

Christer Ericson
Director of Tools and Technology, Sony Computer Entertainment
Geometrical calculations are ubiquitous in games, occurring in rendering, collision detection, physics, animation, and many other game subsystems. The code of such subsystems is robust with respect to its geometrical calculations if it returns consistent results for equivalent inputs and deals with degenerate situations in expected ways. In contrast, non-robust code may fail catastrophically for certain inputs, leading to erratic game behavior or even the game crashing. A primary source of geometrical non-robustness is lack of numerical robustness, caused by the necessity of approximating real numbers with finite precision representations on computers, in particular floating-point arithmetic. However, floating-point arithmetic is a beast much different from real arithmetic! Failure to treat it as such can lead to serious problems, such as objects falling through floors as collision computations fail to register hits correctly. This lecture looks at how to perform robust geometrical calculations to avoid any such problems.

An appreciation of the pitfalls inherent in working with floating-point arithmetic. Tools for addressing the robustness of floating-point based code.

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