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MMOs, Past, Present and Future
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MMOs, Past, Present and Future

Speakers: Daniel James, Gordon Walton, Mark Jacobs, Mark Kern, Raph Koster, Rob Pardo

Track: Business and Management

Format: Panel

Experience Level: All

Description: While massively multiplayer online games have a history approaching the length of stand-alone computer games, they are suddenly one of the high growth areas of the electronic entertainment market. The panelists discuss the history that got us to today, where WoW is - the world-wide phenomenon in gaming. The majority of this panel session is reserved for the combination of audience questions and for the panelists to discuss how they see the future unfolding; specifically where is this medium going and how is it going to get there.

Idea Takeaway: The attendees learn how the MMO market has developed over the last 25+ years, but more importantly they understand where some of the most experienced MMO developers believe this medium is going, and how they see this evolution occurring.

Intended Audience: Anyone interested in massively multiplayer gaming, regardless of the client platforms used (PC, console, handheld or mobile).

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