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Managing Complexity in the Halo 2 AI System
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Managing Complexity in the Halo 2 AI System,

Programming, Lecture

Damian Isla
AI Programmer, Bungie Software
In seeking a level of casual “common sense” interaction with our players, we find ourselves cramming our AIs’ brains full of all kinds of rules about what to do and how to do it and when. More rules result in more complex interactions, and more unpredictable resulting behavior. To some extent this is desirable – we call it emergence, and it is the holy grail of AI system design. On the other hand, this complexity has negative effects as well, such as making a system difficult to understand and hard to debug. How do we add complexity to a brain while maintaining the transparency of a small system? In this talk, we will describe some of the techniques Bungie used in the design of the Halo2 AI in pursuit of a beautiful, clean and ultimately scalable brain architecture.

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