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Killzone’s AI : Dynamic Procedural Combat Tactics
Price $5.95
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SKU GDC-05-126
Killzone’s AI : Dynamic Procedural Combat Tactics,

Programming, Lecture

Arjen Beij
Programmer, Guerrilla Games

William van der Sterren
AI consultant/developer, CGF-AI
Dynamic combat tactics are essential in making tactical shooters less linear and more responsive to the player and to changes in the game world. We have taken position evaluation techniques similar to those used in traditional games such as Chess and Go, and apply them on-the-fly in our console based tactical shooters. We use this procedural approach to create wide variety of individual and squad tactics and maneuvers. This enables the AI to react appropriately to any approach the player or other NPCs take, and to changes in the game world. Furthermore, because this AI does not rely on designer placed hints, the AI can apply these tactics anywhere in the game world. This talk discusses techniques and experiences in creating the dynamic combat AI in Guerrilla's Killzone and Shellshock Nam '67. We explain the basic dynamic position evaluation mechanism and the specific properties used to distinguish a wide range of situations and tactics. Then we discuss how to use position evaluation to select tactical positions, predict positions of out-of-sight threats, use grenades, select suppressive fire targets, and perform tactical path finding. We explain how to implement efficient dynamic combat AI by off-loading a considerable part of the required ray casts to a small amount of pre-calculated terrain information. This talk concludes with our experiences, both good and bad, in realizing a game with dynamic combat AI.

The attendees learn a widely applicable approach to dynamic combat tactics using position evaluation functions and terrain information. Attendees become aware of the opportunities of dynamic combat AI, and the pitfalls in creating it.

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