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I, Q: A Progress Report on the Q Entertainment Business Model
Price $7.95
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SKU GDC07-4645

I, Q: A Progress Report on the Q Entertainment Business Model

Speakers: Shuji Utsumi

Track: Business and Management

Format: Lecture

Experience Level: All

Description: Q Entertainment has developed several diverse hit titles on multiple platforms with multiple publishers, such as Lumines for the Sony PSP, Meteos for the Nintendo DS, and 99 Nights for the Microsoft Xbox 360. This session discusses how Q Entertainment grew from a relatively small developer to such a prolific studio in three years. CEO Shuji Utsumi shares how he structured the company to balance creative and business success factors, the business plan that delivered Lumines, and how it's working out. In fostering both gameplay innovation and fiscal responsibility, Utsumi also gives insight into what worked and what did not work in leveraging the key features of the studio and its record of hits to bargain and partner with key publishers and platforms. Finally, Utsumi offers a vision of how a small developer can effectively lead industry innovation by blending games, music, and online culture.

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