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How to Raise Venture Capital to Build a Game Company
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How to Raise Venture Capital to Build a Game Company,

Business and Legal, Lecture

John Welch
President & CEO, PlayFirst, Inc.
This session explores how to successfully launch a game development and publishing company, using as a case study PlayFirst, Inc., which secured funding in June 2004 from two top-notch Silicon Valley venture firms. Venture firms typically do not invest in hit-driven businesses like gaming: what made these two highly respected firms take the plunge?
Investors must be convinced that they arenít being asked to put their money on ď00Ē on the roulette wheel. They invest in experienced, visionary teams that have identified a way to efficiently and economically build better product and acquire paying customers in a growing market segment by partnering with the sharks and competing with only smaller fish. Knowing their rules is critical: they arenít interested in a company with only one product that can grow to $30 million in annual revenue. What might peak their interest is a combination of approaches that integrate intelligently and result in $50 million plus with high margins.
Attend this session for a wealth of information and advice that is highly relevant to would-be entrepreneurs seeking to leave comfortable day jobs to pursue the dream.

Attendees take away an understanding about the realities of forming and executing on a business plan and then if/when/how to shop the plan around to raise capital. Learn how to take an honest look at your company or the one you are thinking about joining.

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