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How to Make a Movie Tie-In Game that Doesn't Suck
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SKU GDC12O-823118
How to Make a Movie Tie-In Game that Doesn't Suck Speaker/s: Graeme Devine (GRL Games) Day / Time / Location: Wednesday 2:00- 3:00 Ballroom G Track / Duration / Format / Audience Level: Smartphone and Tablet Games Summit / 60-Minute / Lecture / All GDC Vault Recording: Video Description: 2-Bit Bub was an interesting and challenging project for independent studio GRL Games. Developing a tie-in game for the stop motion movie ParaNorman was extremely harrowing for the small team. On the one side you have the movie production with a hard date for its launch, so there is no missing the deadline to launch the game. On the other side, is game production which is notoriously hard to wrangle around a set schedule and hard deadline. Breaking down even further, there's the problem of making a game that's interesting for the game developer and the player, yet does the job of being fundamentally a marketing vehicle for the movie itself. GRL went through development hell making this project. They broke every single one of their golden post no-crunch rules and nearly killed themselves to deliver on time. This lecture will uncover the highlights of the process and the lessons learned. The good is getting to visit movie sets, talking to the director, writer and animators and unprecedented access to assets that lead to a great game design. The gruesome is the unprecedented access to assets that prove to be very shiny objects and the promise of crossing a certain finish line, but realizing you were running a marathon when you practiced for a 100m sprint.

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