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High Dynamic Range Imagery and Image-Based Lighting
Price $5.95
Stock Unlimited
Weight 8 lb, 2 oz
SKU GDC-03-131
High Dynamic Range Imagery and Image-Based Lighting,

Programming, Lecture

Paul Debevec
Professor, USC Institute for Creative Technologies
This session shows how to create more realistic environments and lighting through high dynamic imagery and image-based lighting. The course presents how high dynamic range imagery (HDRI) covering the full range of light in the real world can as texture maps in real-time virtual environments and as realistic sources of illumination for CG objects and characters. The course explains the relationship between HDRI, Image-Based Lighting, and Global Illumination, and how the three can be used together to create renderings and composites with extremely high realism. Examples are given using renderings from LightWave 3D, Maya, RADIANCE, and the Arnold rendering system. HDRI file formats, manipulation software, special blur and glare effects, and issues surrounding gamma correction are presented. The session will demonstrate new real-time realistic rendering techniques leveraging the programmability and HDR capabilities of the latest graphics cards.

Light in the real world has an enormous dynamic range, but the dynamic range in standard imaging and rendering techniques is very limited, which can make achieving realism with computer graphics difficult. New techniques and hardware overcome the dynamic range problems in high dynamic range image capture, representation, and real-time rendering and thus allow for more realistic graphics and new avenues for creative design.

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