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Great Game Graphics... Who Cares
Price $5.95
Stock Unlimited
Weight 9 lb, 4 oz
SKU GDC-03-149
Great Game Graphics... Who Cares,

Game Design, Lecture

Jason Rubin
President, Naughty Dog
The breakneck pace of improving graphics has driven video game sales since the first titles were unleashed on the public three decades ago. Arcade machine by arcade machine, PC board by PC board, and console by console new technologies alowed designers to make better games, rake in more quarters, or sell more units of software. Most companies spend a majority of their effort winning the engine race by making each title look that much better than the competition, displaying more polygons, flashing this or that effect. That era has ended. Although video game graphic improvement will continue, and even excelerate, this lecture makes the argument that gamers won't care.

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