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Creativity Boot Camp 2006
Price $5.95
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SKU GDC-06-005
Creativity Boot Camp 2006,

Game Design, Tutorial

Paul Schuytema
Extension Specialist, Educational Techno, University of Illinois Extension
The Creativity Boot Camp goal? To hone your most important piece of software: your creative mind. This tutorial lays the groundwork by exploring your mind, your creative intelligence and the care and feeding of your gray matter. Participants work through a series of high-energy game design exercises which enable them to see how a nimble creative mind can truly enhance the design and development process.^/BR^^/BR^ While the subject of this tutorial is creativity, the practical approach focuses on delivering tools and understanding to the participants who will leave the session with new skills they can apply immediately.

Attendees take away a working understanding how the creative mind works and how to maximize its potential, a set of techniques and exercises aimed at enhancing the performance of one’s own creative intelligence, a set of techniques and exercises to utilize creative firepower in the realm of game design, development and problem solving, and a set of ^/em^screamsheets^//em^ — short documents covering the key issues in the tutorial, designed for easy reference later.

Game designers are the primary audience for this tutorial, but development teams who think, plan, and brainstorm in small- to medium-sized groups (producers, content creators, programmers, writers, and others) will also benefit.

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