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Classic Game Postmortem: Kick Off
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Classic Game Postmortem: Kick Off
Dino Dini | Lecturer, NHTV University of Applied Sciences

Location: Offenbachsaal
Date: Monday, August 19
Time: 11:00-12:00
Track: Design
Format: Session
Vault Recording: Video

Much beloved among European gamers and developers, Dino Dini's top-down arcade soccer games Kick Off 1 & 2 were released by Anco in 1989 and 1990 respectively, and were made available for a host of platforms, including the Commodore Amiga and Atari ST. Continuing GDC Europe's series of classic postmortems of seminal European video games, Dino Dini himself will explore the making of the entire series of soccer-related games he made in the '80s and '90s. He'll include analysis into the design evolution that made the original game, including the 'kick ahead' mechanic, so successful, and add insight into its sequels and related titles. These include Player Manager (the first soccer game to twin management and a soccer game engine) and his later title Dino Dini's GOAL!.

Through the historical review of the design and development process for these classic indie games, the talk will inspire those who wish to create hit games, and also provide useful insights on how to design and develop influential and innovative games.

Intended Audience
This talk will appeal to any professional and aspiring video game developers who are looking to create 'that special something' in their games.

Dino Dini | Lecturer, NHTV University of Applied Sciences
Dino Dini is a veteran of the video game development field. He is most well-known for creating the Kick Off and Player Manager franchises. He now teaches video game programming at NHTV vocational university in Breda, Netherlands, and continues work as a consultant and independent game developer through his company Igneous Entertainment Limited. Some awards bestowed in the UK include the INDIN award (Best Arcade Game) for Kick Off in 1989, the Golden Joystick award (16-Bit Game of the Year) for Kick Off in 1990 and the Golden Joystick award (16-Bit Game of the Year) for Kick Off 2 in 1991. Some awards bestowed in France include the "Tilt d'Or" award (for best sports simulation) for Kick Off in 1989, which beat Ubi Soft's "Great Courts" (TILT, November 1989); the "Gen4 d'Or" award (for best sports simulation) for Kick Off in 1989 (Gen4, February 1990), which beat Great Courts (Ubi Soft) and Adidas Beach-Volley (Ocean); the "Gen4 d'Or" award (for best sports simulation) for Kick Off 2 in 1990 (Gen4, April 1991), which beat Great Courts 2 (Ubi Soft) and Panza Kick Boxing (Ocean) and the second place Tilt d'Or (for best sports simulation) for Kick Off 2 in 1990, losing out to Indianapolis 500 (Electronic Arts).

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