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Animal Days Post-Mortem: Developing a City-Building Game That's Ready for Quick Content-Iteration
Price $3.95
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SKU GDC12E-201208109
Animal Days Post-Mortem: Developing a City-Building Game That's Ready for Quick Content-Iteration Speaker/s: Hiroyuki Haga (GREE) Day / Time / Location: Tuesday 1:00- 2:00 Congress Saal 1, 4th Level Track / Duration / Format / Audience Level: Game Design / Lecture / All GDC Vault Recording: Video Recorded Description: A key part of developing social games for mobile devices is the rapid iteration of content. This session shares several lessons drawn from the development of city-building social game Animal Days to help maximize the quick iteration of content, and explains how this rapid iteration affects various development processes including game design, pre-production, content-pipeline, scrum, development, QA and operations. The session will also cover how the GREE platform assisted in the development of social features in Animal Days.

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