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AI: Gameplay & Design: A Marriage of Heaven or Hell?
Price $5.95
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SKU GDC-04-153
AI: Gameplay & Design: A Marriage of Heaven or Hell?,

Programming, Lecture

Jonty Barnes
Lead Programmer, Lionhead Studios

Peter Molyneux
, Lionhead Studios
As AI becomes ever more complex, does this open the door for more or less gameplay? Lionhead's Jonty Barnes and Peter Molyneux will demonstrate the benefits and drawbacks AI can have on gameplay and design, by looking at games from the past, present, and future. Technology advances are always exciting and it is tempting as a developer to incorporate cutting edge technology wherever and whenever possible but a designer must always remember that the gameplay experience must be the primary consideration in any game design. However, used well, sophisticated AI can open up innumerable gameplay and design possibilities. This session looks at what has now become possible in the field of AI and what impact and effect it will have on the games of the future.

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