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Adopting Middleware: What's Holding Us Back?
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SKU GDC-05-130
Adopting Middleware: What's Holding Us Back?,

Production, Panel

Jamie Fristrom
Technical Director, Treyarch

Noel Llopis
Senior Architect, High Moon Studios

Paul LeFevre
Chief Technical Officer, Midway Games, Inc.

Stephen White
Co-President, Naughty Dog, Inc.

Tom Forsyth
Developer, RAD Game Tools

Trent Oster
Director of Technology Architecture Group, BioWare Corp.
Why aren't we all licensing middleware? If we were to compare notes with different companies, we'd see that we're all developing very similar tools, technologies, and asset pipelines, with only minor variations or specific single technologies setting us apart from each other. So why do we hesitate to use middleware? Are we afraid of not standing out from the crowd? Is it a matter of cost? Does the available middleware not match our needs exactly? Or is it a case of "not invented here" syndrome? This session brings together independent developers, middleware providers, and publishers with very different opinions and backgrounds to hash out these issues. How does current middleware fall short of our needs? How would it need to improve for us to adopt it without hesitation? Is that even possible?

Middleware has become an important part of our industry and is clearly here to stay, but game developers are still reluctant to use it extensively. This session presents different perspectives on the benefits of middleware and concentrates on how the situation can be improved in the future.

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