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The BREW Bag of Tricks
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SKU GDCM-06-015
The BREW Bag of Tricks,

GDC Mobile: Programming, Lecture

Guido Henkel
CEO, G3 Studios
Qualcomm’s BREW has quickly become the dominant mobile platform in today’s wireless landscape. However, BREW is not perfect and through the various incarnations of BREW and the different SDK versions, a series of inconsistencies, problems and errors have surfaced which make developing for the platform challenging and often time-consuming. How do you deal with a platform where full functionality of the core APIs is not guaranteed? How do you create successful games on cell phones that show unpredictable behavior, and may or may not do what they are supposed to? How does a developer face this challenge to ensure that his titles are functional across a variety of phones, despite incomplete feature set implementations, misbehaving hardware and a lack of corrective support. ^/BR^^/BR^ This session takes a look at the problems that BREW developers face and offers concrete solutions on those issues, covering them with code examples, potential work-arounds and additional information. It gives participants a good overview over the current state of BREW, and the challenges it poses to developers hoping to cover as many handsets as possible.

Attendees can take away proven techniques that have been put to use in various games for BREW cell phones which have been published worldwide. These techniques are illustrated by examples using actual code samples. The lecture also suggests how to find and avoid pitfalls in the future that may prevent code from functioning on upcoming BREW handsets.

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